The Ultimate Guide to Perfectly Cooked Salmon in Minutes

Salmon is not only a great source of protein, it’s also super quick and easy to cook. Even thicker fillets cook quickly, making it a great option for busy weeknights. Wondering how long to cook salmon? Here we’ll break down cooking times and temperatures for cooking salmon in the oven, on the grill, in the air fryer, and more.

Safe Internal Temperature for Salmon

According to the USDA, fish and shellfish should be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees F (63 degrees C). However, the internal temperature will continue to rise after cooking, so if you prefer, you can cook your salmon to 130 degrees F (54 degrees C) and allow it to rest for several minutes. The best way to check the internal temperature is to use a meat thermometer.

How Long to Cook Salmon

Cooking times will differ depending on the thickness of your salmon, so use this chart as a guide. Note: If you’re cooking salmon straight from frozen, you’ll need to increase these cooking times by about 50 percent.

Cooking Method Temperature Cook Time
Bake 400 degrees F 12-15 minutes
Broil 500 degrees F 4-5 minutes
Pan-Fry Medium-high heat 4 minutes per side
Poach Simmering 25 minutes
Grill High direct heat 5-6 minutes per side
Air Fryer 400 degrees F 8-10 minutes


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