The Ultimate Egg Roll in a Bowl: A Mouthwatering Fusion!

When I first heard of Egg Roll in a Bowl, I thought it was nothing short of genius. Everybody loves egg rolls, butnobody loves time consuming wrapping, and messy frying, which is why this deconstructed approach is so brilliant. However, when I went to check out a few examples online, I realized I was the victim of false advertising, since it wasn’t really Egg Roll in a Bowl, it was Egg Roll Filling in a Bowl. Not the same thing.

I quickly figured out this was the work of the Keto people, who mean well, but they left out the most important part of an egg roll, which is the crispy roll. I mean, it’s right in the name. So, I decided to go full Egg Roll in a Bowl, and top mine with crispy wonton strips. These strips would normally be fried, but that would defeat the purpose of doing a less-messy version. So, we baked them instead, which is not only easier, but they come out as good, if not better than frying them.

I’ll finish up with the extremely obvious reminder that you can use any sort of vegetables or ground meat in your version. Although, if you use something very lean like ground chicken or turkey, be sure to start with some oil in the pan to help with the browning step. Anyway, no matter what you put in yours, or whether you top it with crispy wonton strips or not, and please do, I really hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Get the recipe for Chef John’s Egg Roll in a Bowl.

Egg Roll in a Bowl.Chef John

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