Ultimate Baking Conversion Guide – Get Perfect Results!

How much does a cup of flour weigh? The answer depends upon the type of flour you’re using. Unless you have a kitchen scale, you may need weight and volume conversions.

Proper ingredient measurements are especially important in baking where precision counts. An incorrect measurement can throw off a ratio and ruin a recipe.

Dry Goods

Ingredient Cups Ounces
All-Purpose Flour 1 cup 4.5 oz
Bread Flour 1 cup 4.8 oz
Cake Flour 1 cup 3.9 oz
Pastry Flour 1 cup 4.25 oz
Whole Wheat Flour 1 cup 4.25 oz
Cornmeal, coarse 1 cup 4.85 oz
Cornmeal, fine 1 cup 6.3 oz
Oats, rolled 1 cup 3 oz
Walnuts, chopped 1 cup 4.3 oz
Walnut/pecan halves 1 cup 3.5 oz
Coconut, dry shredded 1 cup 2.5 oz
Chocolate Chips 1 cup 5.35 oz
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Eggs and Dairy

Ingredients Cups Ounces
Egg One large egg 1.7 oz
Egg Yolk One egg yolk .7 oz
Butter 1 cup 8 oz
Milk 1 cup 8 oz
Heavy Cream 1 cup 8.4 oz
Cream Cheese 1 cup 8.2 oz
Sour Cream/Yogurt 1 cup 8.6 oz

Sugars, Syrups, and Oils

Ingredients Cups Ounces
Granulated Sugar 1 cup 7.1 oz
Brown Sugar, packed 1 cup 7.75 oz
Powdered Sugar, sifted 1 cup 3.6 oz
Powdered Sugar, unsifted 1 cup 4.4 oz
Corn Syrup 1 cup 11.5 oz
Honey 1 cup 12 oz
Molasses 1 cup 11.6 oz
Vegetable Oil 1 cup 7.7 oz
Solid Shortening 1 cup 7.25 oz
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