The Secret to Ultra-Crispy Chicken!

Fried chicken is arguably synonymous with American cuisine (thanks to African Americans). Its juicy fried goodness can make anyone happy, including vegans (hence why vegetables are turned into little chicken clones). I mean come on, there are global restaurant chains just dedicated to this one thing. If you ever ask a cook about the process of making fried chicken, you will find out how laborious it is, and how many steps it takes to make it the best food you’ve ever tasted. You have to worry about the chicken itself, the spices you’re using to season it (not just salt and pepper), the oil it’s being fried in, and of course the most important part—the breading process.

The reason the breading process is so important is that a good batch of fried chicken is singularly tested by its crispiness. That crunch you hear when you take a bite is the “crème de la crème” of fried chicken eating. It has its own section in the symphony of gastronomy.

Cooks all over have their secret weapons when it comes to making sure their chicken is crispy. Whether it is mixing cornmeal with flour, panko breadcrumbs, or even crushed-up saltine crackers. Well, we are here to tell you that this simple ingredient you can find in any supermarket is your ticket to crispy chicken.

Instant Mashed Potatoes Are the Secret to Crispy Fried Chicken

Yes, instant mashed potato flakes are more than just a quick way to make a side dish on a weeknight. They also make a flavorful and crunchy coating for your favorite proteins. There are a couple of ways to incorporate the flakes into your breading. One way is to make a 50/50 mix of flour and instant mashed potato flakes. Another way is to use the flakes as the sole “breading.” Just remember to dip your chicken into an egg wash, or even mustard, to create a glue for the flakes to stick to.

Follow these recipes that already have instant potatoes mixed in, like Potato Crunchy Tenders, Crispy Herb Baked Chicken, or Chicken Fried Chicken, or swap out instant flakes in your favorite version to test out the flavor difference.

Other Ways to Use Instant Mashed Potatoes in Cooking

While you’re at it, check out other ways you can use instant mashed potatoes in your favorite dishes. A friend of mine once invited me over for homemade pizza. Little did I know that she added instant mashed potatoes to her dough! It created such a remarkable texture to the crust, and now it is my go-to pizza dough addition.

Instant potatoes are also great for thickening soups and gravies, adding as a binding ingredient for meatballs, or making quick homemade gnocchi.