Revive Your Sad, Limp Fries with Chef John’s Secret Recipe

I’m not a professional life coach, but I sometimes play one on the Internet, and today we’re taking a little break from the recipe format to share this quick, how-to video for reheating French fries. It’s come to my attention that many people use their ovens to reheat leftover fries, which can work okay, eventually, but do we really need to heat an entire oven, and then wait 10 minutes or more for a small handful of French fries to get hot? No, we don’t. Not when we can do the same thing, except better, in a pan, in just a few minutes.

For best results, pop your limp, room-temp, bike messenger fries in the fridge for a few minutes and then proceed with the re-crisping process.

The secret here is to keep the fries moving, tossing every 30 seconds or so, until you can hear them crisp up. Once the moisture on the surface dries up, you’ll start to hear them clank around the pan, which is a great auditory clue you’re almost there. And don’t be tempted to use oil to aid in the process. We are not re-frying the fries, we are simply re-crisping, and there should be plenty of fat already attached to the potato.

And if you’re someone who always eats them all, and never has leftover French fries, please keep this in mind the next time that delivery takes way too long to get to you. In fact, if you are dealing with limp, room-temp, bike messenger fries, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes to really cool them off, and then proceed with the re-crisping process for even better results. Either way, I hope you give this fast, and easy method a try soon. Enjoy!

Chef John

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