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Warning: Avoid These 5 Vacation Rental Foods

It’s starting to look like summer came early (finally). That means that vacation plans are on everyone’s to-do lists for the next three months. Whether your plans are domestic or international, finding the right place to lay your head is very important. If you are anything like me, vacation rentals (Airbnb) are the go-to lodging. Vacation rentals are great for families and groups of friends who may want the convenience of a house over a traditional hotel. There are some of us who prefer to have their own kitchens.

Let’s face it, cooking can save you some money versus eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of the wonders of these rentals is that usually food items are left behind by previous guests or by the hosts themselves. These items can range from spices to milk. However, before you get excited about saving some coins on the grocery bill, there are some leftover foods that should not be used from your rental.

Avoid These Leftover Foods at Vacation Rentals


Coffee at a rental is lovely and it can really brighten any morning before a long day of excursions. However, coffee can go bad, and once it has been ground, it degrades faster than whole beans. Another thing to consider is the quality of the coffee. Hosts of rentals usually buy the cheap stuff for the place. It is very kind of them to have this available, but I’ll skip the Folgers.


Yes, I am talking about the convenient bottles of ketchup and mustard, peanut butter, or even salad dressing. These items may be packed with preservatives to extend their shelf lives, but always approach them with caution. Condiments can susceptible to bacteria and other illness-causing germs. Also keep an eye on the expiration dates, because they could be expired.


Any form of dairy that has been lurking in the fridge is an automatic “no.” Milk expires pretty quickly, and instead of taking the chance of sniffing foulness, just throw it out. Butter and cheese are things that can last longer than milk, but they also have the chance of being old and rancid. Also, butter can pick up odors from other things that could have been in the fridge. I’m sure you do not want that.

Olive Oil

If you didn’t know, now you know. Oil can spoil. It may be your lucky day finding a bottle of olive oil in the cabinet or sitting out by the stove, but there is a chance it has gone rancid. This is especially true if it is sitting out, exposed to sunlight.


Now spices can actually be items you can use, but always check to make sure they are not expired. Spices can expire and if they are old, they lose flavor. There’s no point of adding old oregano with no flavor. It is also helpful to note that spices can have a ton of germs on them from other users.

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