Ultimate Soothing Throat Coat Tea Recipe!

We have all had those days when we have a cold and can’t kick it. Where our throat is achy and it hurts to swallow. This is a recipe for throat-soothing tea I have developed in the last couple of days. I think I now have the perfect balance of home-remedy qualities and flavor. The honey coats your throat and helps to sooth it. The citrus actually reduces the swelling and adds a great deal of flavor. For all of you who are suffering with a sore throat, get well soon. I hope you like it.

2 min read

A marinated eggplant in olive oil and seasonings that is a delicious antipasto dish. Traditionally we make this in September, to be served at Christmas time. Sometimes Nonna slipped a couple of finely sliced sun-dried tomatoes (with dried basil) into the mix for a variation.

3 min read